Thursday, May 3, 2007

In light of recent events

"There is something so demoralizing about watching two people get more and more crazy about each other, especially when you are the only extra person in the room" -Sylvia Plath


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Would you like some Plaid with your shorts?

As I ring item after item at Kohl's for this annoying ass customer I think about buying shit I don't need. Damn the atmosphere here is infectious. I distract myself from this thought be returning to the customer whose order I have finished and simply await payment.

"Hold on I got it somewhere," she pleads in that oh so professional voice we have in department stores. You know, the fake, friendly one that just begs for pity as she rifles through stacks of nothing looking for her misplaced Kohl's charge. Does anyone have a humility anymore? I feel like a nuisance when it takes me more than a minute to get my money back into my wallet after receiving what I hope (but don't care enough to make sure) is the right amount of change. She stops here endeavor for a second and beckons for me to "Look." Her shuffling hands have stopped on a pocket-sized book entitled "Organization for Dummies".

Wow I think to myself, I wish I could make up fiction this good. Can nothing embarrass you Lady? I think as we share a chuckle. me more heartily than here seeing as she must continue looking for the card. I finally offer to look up her account using her Social Security Number which is the magic spell to coo the card out of hiding. without fail, at the threat of having to remember 9 digits well enough to enter them into a PIN Pad makes the card jump out of its dark crevice allowing me to complete the transaction.

So now, in honor of this memorable customer, I going to follow a logical organization with rest of this post. On my way to work today I believe accidentally took another creatures life. I looked down to adjust the settings on my radio and my eyes slowly tilt up to catch the bunny wabbit dart in front of me. This sight was followed by a thud long before my brain could react in any way. It is of course presumed dead. I only hope that it was killed instantly and didn't crawl off after I drove on to find a cold bush to hide under. RIP mr. rabbit

In an effort to better balance my interests (as well as get the most of the $100 RATM i bought) I have been venturing into the world of Rap. I've determined that what, not enough people, have realized about Rock also holds true for Rap. this secret being that anything found on the radio or MTV claiming to be Rock is just Pop acting as a poor substitute. But beware, aspartame kills. So all the cRap on MTV is infact a terrible example of the genre and a poor representation. My musical eneavor has begun with The Roots who have blown me away with their sheer musicianship. I then gained wind of Immortal Technique who enticed me with his strong convictions, politics and infectious rhymes. I plan next on diving more in depth into the stylings of Common and rapper/poet Mos Def. I highly recommned that everyone else attempt to broaden their music playlist as well. which reminds me. In the same day that I was listening to this, me rob and bri went to borders and he purchased Coltrane's 'Big Steps' and I got Billie Holiday's greatest hits; Bri got some chick.

I think i spelt Politics wrong on an essay today. I think i stared at the word 'polotic' for a minute on my paper knowing full well that it wasn't right but unable to remember how it should have been spelled. thats a scary feeling.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Honor Those Lost

It's been over a month since I've published which doesn't bode well for the life of this blog. I haven't found anything that inspired me to write in a while but I feel I should address Monday's tragedy. If I were a religious person I would pray for the families hurt by the atrocity committed at Virginia Tech on Monday, but that's not who I am. Regardless of my religious views, that does not inhibit my sense or morality and I am deeply disturbed by the actions of this one individual. Nothing gave him the right to do what he did. But what disturbs me more is the rest of society. To begin things, Monday night I had to go to work regardless of the state of emergency and, wouldn't you believe, it was the busiest Monday night I've ever worked. The entire night I kept asking myself what reason these people could possibly had to be shopping. While down in Virginia an entire community was suffering all these people could think about was the sales at Kohl's. Maybe it is asking too much that people up here in jersey should be spending their time to help Virginia Tech (if there was something they could have done). Okay, so fine, you can't help Virginia. How about the insane flooding right here in our area. Unless everyone was buying cheap clothing to give to a neighbor whose home was under 4 feet of water, I don't think shopping at Kohl's was necessary.

Okay now on to what really is bothering me; the media. It is difficult to open my Internet explorer and seeing my homepage,, load a new picture of grieving students but I kind of feel that is necessary. Mourning is a very difficult and important process, and for the time being the entire nation needs to experience it together. What is not necessary, however, is the attention given to the shooter. It is natural human nature for us to want someone at whom we can point our finger, but I don't think the news should be spending so much time on him and going so in depth. I read in the paper today that he saw himself as equivalent to Jesus. Well his press coverage might just give him the martyrdom he desires. There are definitely people who would open up the New York Times today and see yet another picture of Cho Seung-Hui wielding his Glochs and think "That could be me if I only tried." Giving this sociopath only gives vindication for similarly inspired lunatics to come out of the wood works. Not buying it? Look at the Senses Fail lyrics, "I choose to be a serial killer because the victims don't get any fame." We need to knock out that catalyst. He sent his video to NBC so that he could be on the news. He knew that he would become a house-held name. Knowing this, why then are we allowing him to get what he wanted?

So yes America, keep the victims in your hearts, but shut the killer out of your minds. If the death of one is a tragedy and the death of a million is just a statistic, then the death of 32 is unforgivable and providing fuel for a sequel is just irresponsible.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Post Number 10

You wake up late for work. You're body finally built up an immunity to the plague that fills the air of your room every morning at 6:51 AM. Like a baby waking up after a long car ride, unaware of and frightened by your surroundings, as the numbers on the clock register in your head you kick off the sheets and rush into the shower, scrubbing away that damned sleep as fast as possible. You dress, grab a muffin, and back out of you driveway without even scraping the ice off your windshield. As you navigate your way to work with your head out the window so you can see, you don't even realize you forgot your briefcase.

Somehow you manage to make it to work in time and as you stroll past coworkers a few stand out of the bunch. Its not exactly subtle, they're all wearing fluorescent blue dress shirts with identical matching white ties hanging around their necks. That's not all though. Their behavior seems off too. they're primarily consorting with only their like dressed brethren. You notice a man and woman embracing who would not normally be doing so were if not for their common clothing. You spot a group of friends dressed in their normal attire in the break room and duck in for safety. They've noticed the same thing you have and casually you slip yourself into the conversation to get the scoop.

As it goes, this bright-blue group spent the weekend together in the middle of New York state. There they shared stories, cried together, and worshipped their supreme leader whom they have never seen or heard but are positive of his existence. As you peer down the floor at the cubicles the number of blue seems to have grown, overpowering your vision like the sun breaking through the clouds. So now how do you feel. Is this some enlightened club to which you have missed out on membership or do the signs point more towards a cult of sorts?


Thursday, March 8, 2007

One Cursed Play

Yes thats right... a curse!! After two months of practice, PTHS is just one week from opening night. If we can make it there. It would appear as though a bitter Mr. Rathgaeb used his vast knowledge of Latin to formulate a curse of sorts. Immediately following One-Acts he must have recited these demonic words casting a spell upon the PTHS stage. Right at the start of the play Thomas Lyons, a member of the stage crew, was ascending the wobbly, creaking metal ladder to loft (you know the ladder that pulls out of the wall when you shift you weight too much in the wrong direction) when he lost his grip. The young lad suffered a terrific fall that would have put humpty dumpty to shame. fortunately all of Riley's horses and all Riley's men were able to put
tom back together again. Next up on the hit list was Patrick Van Kirk (Scarecrow). Having gained strength and momentum from the unfair victory over tom, the curse was inflated with power, stretching its evil reach beyond school ground. It claimed PVK on the slopes. While enjoying the extreme sport of snowboard danger came calling. As he traveled down the mountain a roaring avalanche rapidly chased him down the hill. With expert moves Pat avoided rocks and ledges and with a phenomenal speed he was able to out right the avalanche only to have a tree suddenly sprout in front of him. Unable to react quick enough, our young hero impacted hard, shattering his collarbone and sending him to the ICU. fortunately both Tom and Pat are making their recoveries.
Last night the curse attempted to claim another victim and sabotage the production. with just fifteen minutes left in the second act Dan Leva, playing the role of the cowardly lion, stepped on a screw which punctured through the bottom of his foot. In an act of dedication neither he nor the charming Dorothy, played be Janelle Sous, broke character. It was not until the blood came gushing on the stage and Director James Riley came to his rescue urging everyone to "get back, my wife's a doctor" that the acting ended and he was tended to. Dan was patched up and sent to the hospital for mere precautions but I do not believe he even required a tetanus shot. so does the meagerness of this injure mean that the Curse is weakening or did the blood spill on the stage from the courageous Leva's wounds feed it more? how many noble cast members will it take to stand in front this wretched curse before it will allow the play to go off without a hitch? Damn you Rathgaeb!!

Well either way it should prove to be very enjoyable. Be sure to catch it next Thursday, Friday, and a Saturday matinee. Perhaps Riley and Van Hoven should pick a safer play next year. I know a certain Scottish play they might have luck with.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Play Practice

Today starts night time play practice for PTHS's rendition of Wizard of Oz. It's actually shaping up really well. Yesterday I finished reading my fifth Chuck Palahniuk book and since that puts me halfway through his complete bibliography I feel I should write a review of the ones I have read so far before embarking on the second half. new addition to my bulletins, Folio open Mic night 4/5/07 at Caffe Buono. talk to me if you'd like to read.

I feel like leaving you with an excerpt from Chuck's genius

"'How would you live?' asks Mr. Whittier.
If you could not die...
Our role, when he finally told us: We were only here to
suffer and suffer,
and suffer and suffer,
and suffer and die.
to create just one ghost - fast.
to comfort old, old dying Mr. Whittier - before he died
That was his real pain.

Leaning over us, he says, 'If death meant just leaving the
stage long enough
to change costume and come back
as a new character...
Would you slow down? or speed up?
If every life is just a basketball game or a play that
begins and ends
while the players go on to new games, new
In the face of that fact how would you live?
Dangling the key between two fingers, Mr. Whittier says,
'You can stay here'
But when you die, come back
just for a moment.
To tell me. To save me. With proof of our eternal life.
to save us all,
please, tell someone.
to create real peace on earth.
let us all be-

-Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted



Monday, March 5, 2007

Journalism does good

I am currently researching my article on Idol. From the early stages it looks like its going to be truly boring! In other news, God (lol) would appear to be trying to keep Salt The Sky down. With instrumentation completely done we obviously going to start vocals this week. Unfortunately Mike has come down with a cold and is unable to sing. sucks. Well tomorrow we should be filming our video for "Stem to the Clouds." TJ is cracking me up. I am spreading my interests like a cancer and Matt Ritter is currently looking for a title for his blog. Ideas would be appreciated. In still other news, Doc Hett returned an essay from Friday's test with the comment that it reads as if written by someone to whom English is a second language. Yeah, I stopped giving high school a chance.

Got bored Saturday night, you can see the results of it by searching "Fatman Begins" on youtube.

AS always go to March 20...

Pink Flowers near completion

expect a book review soon